The Enlightened Cat


The Enlightened Cat : 12 Feline Lessons in Life and Spirituality  takes you on a journey of life, pausing to understand the wondrous lessons cats impart to us.  Discover the deep emotional bond and love that connects human to animal, student to teacher, and friend to friend.  It is a great love story older than the stars filled with compassion, passion, adventure, fearlessness, and mystery. These cat stories will make you laugh, cry, ponder, and want to step out of the fast lane to begin purring.

Written with tremendous clarity, warmth and love. This little book is filled with insightful lessons on what one can learn from the “Feline” member of the family.  A heartwarming read!”   Colleen Baldrica, Author of Tree Spirited Woman.

“Yet another reminder that our pets inspire us to remember the important messages of life.  Deb has portrayed it beautifully.”    Kay Elliott, Author of The Sundogs: Journey to the Great Windmill.

“What a delightful gift to humanity Debbra has created in this beautifully written accolade to cats.  Lesson Thirteen:  Read this sweet tribute and know that beneath it all, lessons one through twelve apply to all of us.”    Gloria VanDemmeltraadt, Author of Memories of Lake Elmo and Musing and Munching.

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